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Direct your program

You want to be a leader at your program.  Let us help you.  We have been there and we want to make your step into the best job in the business to be successful.

Becoming a director is both exciting and scary.  There is so much you need to know.  So many things you will now be responsible for.  We have been there.  Carrie took her first director position at 23.  Many people thought she didn't have what it takes.   We are here to make sure you do!

Texas Director was the first to offer online director credentialing and continue to offer unique and relevant programing for our directors.  You are our focus and our programs are designed to support you in your career and personal life.

Are you looking to become a Director of an early child care program?

  • TexasDirector.org has been teaching their early childhood and school age care director program since 2002. 
  • Our online program was the first online Director course in the state.  It has been available since 2005. Our online program comes with 15 great videos, MP3’s of all the presentations, an ebook version of the textbook, regular (optional office hours) and access to available resources on class site.
  • If you are trying to figure out if we are the right match for you? Click here to view our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Ready to Register to become a Director? 

"I was in a bind and I needed my director credential very quickly. I found Texas Director on the DFPS website. The online program was very easy to follow and my professor was always willing to help. I also liked being able to work at my own pace. Being that I needed my credential ASAP, it was nice to be able to sit down for a few hours and knock out a few assignments. And on the subject of my professor, she was so nice and eager to help. We even chatted on the phone a few times. She was always willing to assure me that I was on the right track and answer any questions I had. Thanks Texas Director for helping me achieve my goal!!"

--Misti Schulz, Stephenville, Texas 

Easy registration, 1, 2, 3

1: Determine if you meet the qualifications to be a licensed director for the state of Texas.   You must be 21, have a high school diploma or GED and two years experience.   IF YOU DON'T - you may still attend our course but, the state will have to give you a waiver for the parts you are missing to be a licensed director.

2: Determine which class format is best for you.  We offer an online and interactive classroom course.  The interactive classroom course is 40 hours of discussion based class time and 40 hours of self instructional.  The online course is 40 hours of online discussion and self instructional.

3: Enroll in a class.

If you do not have these please contact your licensing representative regarding a waiver form. If you have any questions, please contact Carrie at 512-761-5343 or carrie@texasdirector.org


Our most popular class.  Have you ever wished you could acquire your Director Credential while sitting at home in your pajamas? We got you covered!  This class in a multimedia online class with video, audio, and online elements.  There are elements for all 4 types of learners to help you cement the knowledge and find application in your career.

Classes start on a rolling basis, but you can jump in early if you are an over achiever or have a tight deadline.

Many of us have taken on-line college courses, taking advantage of the flexible scheduling they provide. TexasDirector.org offers a the same flexibility with a self-paced director class that offers of 40 hours of online discussion and instruction.  Enrollment fee-$525


One weekend and 20 hours at home - give yourself the chance to have your learning customized to your program.  If you like to work through concepts with a small group or brainstorms ways to improve your program or plan, this is the class you want to look into.  

Weekender students start learning on their schedule and then come together with a small group to dive deeper into the material.  They work together to come up with action oriented steps to start your term as director on your terms.

The class is limited to 7 students and is taught 6 times a year.  Enrollment fee-$625

Director Success Personalized

This program is designed for those  who have the need or desire to transform their directors journey and their program.  One-on-one customized director and business training.  You will will work individually with a director success coach to prepare yourself and your program for a successful transition.

The sessions will consist of creating a personalized plan for you based on your unique circumstances at your center. We will accompany each attendee to their center and offer support based on what we see the needs are.  Together we are going to work with you to complete an unflinching evaluation of strengths and challenges.  You will make plans to send you participant back to your center with the tools necessary to tackle issues that they have already, or are likely to face.  By using a list of challenges, such as staff limitations, resource shortages, and space restrictions, to name a few, that each Director creates based on their center's needs, the coach(s) will assist each person in coming up with solutions that will allow them to create the desired results on an individual basis. Enrollment fee-$825

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