Carrie Casey and Kate Woodward Young, M.Ed. designed their director credentialing program in 2002 to meet the need of preschool, daycare, school age, Montessori programs and owner directors.  Carrie and Kate have been business partners for 16 years.  Prior to TexasDirector they operated a childcare substitute business and training program.  They have been working with business owners for a combined 51 years.  It is no real surprise that they went into business, since they were raised by entrepreneurs and have self employed grandparents on both sides of the family.  You could say they were born to be self employed!

Kate had been working with various directors helping them with marketing and business development.  Kate loves working with new business owners to help them find their passion.  She works regularly with those who are ready to retire and helping them create their exit strategies.  Her career path has taken her through medical, conservation and lego paths in addition to her time in schools.  Kate is a mother of 4 and loves to travel.  Some often think she leads a secret life with a mouse.

Carrie owned three child care centers in the Central Austin Texas area.  Carrie is the wife of one and mother of 2.  At the age of 3 she decided that she would have a center when she grew up.  It took a while, but by 23 she had achieved her dream.  She grew her program over the years making good choices and bad.  Eventually she sold her business to one of her employees and focused on training.  Through a series of unusual circumstances she spent several years in real estate development, before returning to educational program support.

The opportunity to train childcare and youth program directors not only appealed to them they knew they wanted to do it the best way possible by having fun trainings that gave the directors the tools they needed.

They taught as Learning Links from 2002-2010.  Thousands of directors have completed their face to face or online training program.  They were the first to offer the child care administrators credential in a weekend format and the first online format.  They are proud to be able to continue to offer the program regularly so that it is available when "would be" directors need the training.

They also recognize the expense that comes with this certification and have strived to keep the cost affordable.  Because they are working with Texas early childhood, preschool, child care, Montessori and school age care programs they have created options specifically for those programs.  If you are looking for a school age focused credential or you are an entrepreneur who wants to own your own program - let us know and we will make sure that you have assignments that meet YOUR needs!

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